Integrated QHSSE Management

ALERT Risk Management Solutions Services encompass the provision of professional and internationally accredited loss management specialists for independent assessment and evaluation of our customers quality, health, safety, environment and asset administration policies and procedures, facilities, installations and operations. These services are conducted in compliance with internal and external safety management systems, contractual requirements, industry standards and/or that set forth by actual classification or regulatory bodies.

ALERT Integrated Risk Management (Safety Representatives) offers onsite professional services for short and long term projects involving aviation operations, chemical manufacturing, petroleum refining and petrochemical facilities, mobile offshore drilling units, floating production storage and offloading facilities, pipe laying barges, supply vessels, mining operations, construction/ fabrication yards, camp and transportation facilities.

ALERT Integrated Risk Management (Audit Services) offers accredited independent audit representatives for small and medium enterprises and major marine, petroleum exploration and production, and service companies. ALERT provides these assessment services for the aviation, chemical, construction, marine, medical, mining, offshore, petroleum exploration and production, petrochemical, power and transportation industries under customer specified audit protocols, set regulatory standards and the internationally accredited Alert Loss Control Assessment, Review and Evaluation (ALCARE) audit system.

ALCARE provides our customers with an integrated loss management tool for the systematic assessment, evaluation, design, implementation, review and improvement of their business process policies and procedures encompassing quality, health, safety and environmental compliance issues.