Originally with one of the pioneers of well control/ snubbing operations in the United States, then later working as the lead firefighter / operations manager for the world’s oldest existing oilfield firefighting company, Mike Allcorn has hand picked this elite team of specialists.

ALERT specialists have responded to and successfully controlled in excess of 1200 oil and gas well fires and blowouts and special service operations, ship fires, industrial and process facilities fires, toxic environment and hazardous material control emergencies in various land based and offshore locations throughout the America’s, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Asia/Pacific. ALERT offers its customers emergency response teams whose combined experience is unprecedented in industry today.

ALERT specialists provide extensive “first hand” experience of the marine / offshore industry, in particular, mobile offshore drilling units (MODU) and the vessels and services they require for support. The knowledge and successfully proven experience of ALERT specialists provides our customers in the field, as well as those students attending our training programs, with a unique insight into advanced emergency response technologies and integrated risk management solutions, application methodologies, and the operational requirements necessary for safe and cost effective operations.


ALERT special service team members have developed a worldwide reputation for innovative engineering work on designing, developing and successfully implementing effective procedures in our field of expertise. Applying solid engineering principles, the Company has combined our team members experience to provide comprehensive services involving land and offshore capping, killing and firefighting operations from shallow oil well fires to deep sour gas well blowouts.

ALERT personnel provide successfully proven field experience encompassing marine and industrial firefighting and hazardous material control operations involving inland / coastal fuel barges, VLCC/ULCC, container vessels, inter-modal containers, and petroleum/petrochemical process facilities.

ALERT personnel provide extensive experience in the development and implementation of correct methods, techniques, apparatus and training required to assure the safety of personnel, equipment and the environment through implementation of loss management principles.