Hazardous Material Control

A succession of environmental disasters has made the world aware of the dangers of poisonous and aggressive chemicals. When an incident occurs, rescue, containment and clean up operations must be quickly initiated. It is vital that those personnel who come into contact with dangerous and sometimes unidentifiable vapors and chemicals are competent to deal with the situation and are equipped with the proper tools.

ALERT, together with our strategic partners SGS, has established the ALERT – SGS Incident Management Center within Singapore. The center, otherwise known as the Asia Chemical Transportation Emergency Center (ASCTEC) offers:

Level 1: Communication services entailing the storage, maintenance and dissemination of material safety data sheet (MSDS) information, encompassing more than 1.2 million pure and mixed substances, and associated emergency response protocols and support information, on a 24 / 7 basis in more than 23 official languages;

Level 2: Technical Consultants providing full time competent personnel strategically located throughout the Asia Pacific and Middle East for immediate mobilization and on – scene technical consultation and;

Level 3: Emergency Response services entailing the provision of competent response personnel and equipment for the containment, control, clean-up and disposal of waste involving dangerous goods incidents. These services encompass a 24 hour global communications network; chemical database and response protocols; chemical and environmental engineers, chartered chemists and laboratories; and Hazardous Material Control Teams whose extensive field experience provides a wealth of knowledge involving hazardous material incidents within the chemical, marine, petroleum, petrochemical and transportation industries.

ALERT maintain integrated response packages containing detection, sampling and onsite analysis systems; personnel protective equipment; vapor control and re-condensation products; product containment; control systems; decontamination materials; product packaging, labeling, and shipment; and waste treatment management services.