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The ALERT Safety and Survival Training Center, located in Singapore, offers internationally accredited competency based safety and survival training programs in over 80 disciplines. To date, ALERT has conducted such training for over 70,000 personnel representing in excess of 350 companies involved within the aviation, chemical, construction, medical, military, marine, mining, offshore, petroleum exploration and production, petrochemical, power and transportation industries operating in more than 50 countries.

ALERT Instructors are available to conduct a number of training programs, offered through the training centre, or an on-site basis. This incorporates the use of customer-supplied facilities allowing for site specific training aboard MODU’s, FPSO’s during exploration and production operations and marine vessels while under-way. ALERT Instructors are able to join a vessel on the date and port of sailing and complete the suite of required training programs prior to arrival at the next port of call. ALERT are able to assist our customers further through the development and implementation of customer specific training modules in accordance to standards set forth by the customer.

ALERT own and operate the ALERT 1 – Sri Kresna, a 180ft – training vessel designed for advanced safety and survival at sea training. The training vessel incorporates classroom facilities and practical exercises utilizing totally enclosed motor propelled survival craft, MOB survival craft, fast rescue craft, swimming pools, and a helicopter underwater escape / egress simulator.

The training vessel is utilized in conjunction with onshore facilities, which incorporate technical rescue / confined space simulators and smoke – house / pressure vessel evolution’s. In addition, the training center has developed an advanced firefighting training facility which includes multiple level marine vessel mock-ups; industrial training simulations including overhead flange fires and pipe alley props; storage tanks for sub-surface and top side extinguishment simulations; and heli-pad / helicopter crash rescue firefighting simulator. Additional programs incorporate competency based Driller and Supervisor Level Surface and Sub- Sea Well Control Training, through utilization of full size simulators.

All training programs are conducted in compliance with internationally accepted standards set forth by the pertinent government and industry regulatory bodies, including but not limited to, the International Maritime Organization (Singapore Marine Port Authority, Port State Control), Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization, International Association of Drilling Contractors, International Well Control Forum, and National Fire Protection Association. ALERT is a Regional Management Representative of the International Association of Safety and Survival Training.

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