Well Control Engineering and Management

ALERT Well Control Engineering and Project Management Services, through the provision of well control engineering specialists, provide oil and gas industry clients with blowout intervention engineering, incident management, administration and site supervision services. These services include the development of incident response (contingency) planning for critical well programs; well control engineering services for floating vessel and deep water blowout control (relief well planning, vertical intervention), shallow gas procedures and floating drilling operations.

ALERT has placed an emphasis on assisting its Customers further through the development, implementation and maintenance of Well Control Incident Management Systems. These systems include Integrated Contingency Plans, Emergency Response Plans (Blowout Contingency Plans, Relief Well Plans, Oil Spill Contingency Plans) and Business Continuity Plans. The systems are further supported through critical well analysis, hazard identification studies, rig inspections, drill-the-well-on-simulator programs, team drills and exercises and annual reviews.

As well, ALERT offers sophisticated well flow modeling and kill hydraulics design services through our associates at Well Flow. These services provide our clients with a comprehensive analysis of well design and critical data to ensure effective implementation of drilling and well control procedures.